Basket mill TORUSMILL
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Basket mill TORUSMILL® SK

High–efficient milling system in functional and compact design up to 55 kW.
Options: ATEX zone 0/1/2, Vacuum, PLC‒control, Ceramic version

Innovative basket mill for any container from 50 to 2000 litre

The TORUSMILL® SK are high-efficient basket mills with which excellent grinding results can be achieved in very short time. The TORUSMILL® SK is available in versions from 15 kW upto 55 kW drive power for processing low and medium viscous products. The TORUSMILL® clamping device is suitable for container volumes upto 2000 l. The rapid circulation of the mill base through the grinding basket is achieved through an integrated, patented pump wheel. This provides a high number of passes, and a narrow particle size. The dissolver disc mounted below the milling basket ensures a milling of the millbase within the milling container with minimal dead volumes.

  • Double walled milling basket, suitable for cooling and heating systems. The heat generated during the milling process is dissipated effectively by the spirally guided cooling liquid
  • Excellent circulation of the mill base by the patented pump wheel and dissolver disc
  • Easy scale-up from the laboratory instrument TML to the production machine TORUSMILL® SK
  • Standard usage of customers existing vessels, also with different volumes
  • Variable speed adjustment by modern frequency converters
  • Options: ATEX zone 0/1/2, Vacuum, PLC‒control, Ceramic version

Basket mill TORUSMILL® TM

2 in 1: patented basket mill with integrated dissolver in a new trend‒setting design from 15 to 55 kW.
Options: ATEX zone 0/1/2, vacuum, PLC‒control, ceramic version

Highly efficient combination of dissolver and basket mill.

The TORUSMILL® TM is a patented dispersion system which allows for a particularly economic and environmental dispersion of high quality products. With the TORUSMILL® a predispersion with a dissolver disc and afterwards the extremely fine grinding with an integrated basket mill can be made in one process and one container. This innovation intelligently combines proven high speed dispersion technology with a basket mill system.

In operation, the TORUSMILL® is first used to predisperse the product with a dissolver disc. During predispersion the torus shaped basket is "parked" in the upper part of the machine. After predispersion the milling basket containing the milling beads and the milling tool is lowered into the mill base and the fine milling process can begin. The fast circulation of the millbase within the milling basket is generated by the dissolver disc and integrated pump wheel; because of this excellent dispersion results and a very narrow particle size distribution can be achieved very quickly. Due to the fact that no pumps, pipes, valves and additional containers are necessary, the cleaning is very easy and a quick change of the millbase is possible.

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