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A significant improvement in the recording of oven processes has been made with the temp-gard.

This measurement system stores the analog signals of temperature probes in digital form. A measurement module accompanies the object on its way through the oven without needing a trailing cable. The recording module is protected by a thermal barrier made of stainless steel with absolutely temperature safe insulation.

The digital data is transferred to a computer for further processing.

Each measurement is saved as a file.

The temp-gard system controls the curing process and immediately evaluates the results. Within a few minutes all important information is available on the screen and can be printed out:

  • The measurement points of the object
  • Date and time of the measurement
  • Name of the operator and identification of the oven
  • Temperatures in °F or °C
  • 4-color graphic of the entire measurement curve with display of temperature and time
The peak temperature and a warning message occur when the maximum temperature of a probe is above the control value. It is possible to quickly and regularly check and document the quality of daily production. In addition, this temperature measurement system allows control of oven performance without risking loss of quality.

Come With 

​Thermal Barrier
  • Light weight, compact and most ergonomic design
  • Thermal characteristics suitable for all coatings:
    at 100 °C,         8 hrs
    at 200 °C,         2.5 hrs
    at 250 °C,         2 hrs
  • Dimensions      
    255 x 215 x 135 mm
  • Stainless steel housing

temp-chart pro Software
temp-chart pro offers various parameters for analysis and documentation of the temperature profile - anything is possible.

  • Temperature profile graph with upper/lower limits
  • Organizers with sensor names and locations for easy measurement setup
  • Process optimization with Cure Index and Cure Chart
  • Predefined QC Procedures for standardized analysis of curing conditions, oven parameters and Pass/Fail conditions
  • Database for professional documentation and easy access
  • Merge of measurements for long term trend comparison


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