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Digital Microscope

An electronic image available on a personal computer has opened new opportunities to evaluate surface quality and document results. Many physical property tests are evaluated by visual analysis: cross-cut adhesion, impact resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, and scratch/mar. An electronic image can be used to provide a more comprehensive evaluation and documentation of the test results.

A digital microscope combined with image analysis software has created a new line of analytical tools to assess appearance. The Print and Paper Industry has developed several tests to maintain product quality. Assessment of the printing process and the paper’s appearance has well defined measurement parameters. Digital microscopes offer a comprehensive analytical analysis for an objective evaluation.

Traditional Microscope

BYK-Gardner offers two microscope designs specific for physical property testing. The microscope for the Automated Cupping Tester has a unique design that attaches to the Cupping Tester.

The microscope provides a detailed observation of the test panel. The Buchholz Indentation hardness tester also requires a specific microscope design to measure the indentation length. The microscope incorporates a graduated scale for a precise assessment.

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