QC-639S/T Digital Impact Tester
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Small capacity pendulum type impact testing equipment, it is usually be used in high polymer material impact strength test, use potential energy of pendulum to impact specimen, analyze the remaining potential energy after impact to calculate specimen absorbed energy during test. It has big correlation between pendulum mass, length, rigidity and so on accuracy and test precision, especially pendulum mass center position will affect impact speed and produce test error. This type impact tester is provided with digital display to show angle, energy, other functions and in-build wind resistance, frictional loss automatic calculated formula, users can easily and convenient to use. IZOD / CHARPY are two types of common tests; QC-639S/T can be carried out test in different test methods by replacing pendulum and vise type. Machine is fitted simple specimen collection area that provide user safer test environment.

Specs Description
Initial impact angle 150°
Test capacity Izod 1~11J (QC-639S) Charpy 1~5J(QC-639S) Izod 1J~50J (QC-639T) Charpy 1J~50J (QC-639T) *Best test range : 20 ~ 80% of the pendulum capacity
Minimum display angle 0.05°
Accessory Operation manual
Optional í¨Related energy test pendulum and various type of test vise.
í¨QC-640 V-shape specimen Notching Machine
í¨Analysis software
  1. High accuracy electronic display, can directly read impact energy value.
  2. Above 30 sets of memory data.
  3. Machine is equipped with level display device to make sure machine accuracy after it is fixed.
  4. With specimen impact area and collection area to enhance safety and reduce clean time.
  5. Replacing different capacity pendulum to do tests if the strength of specimen has big discrepant.
  6. Vise to clamp specimen is equipped with fixed device to make specimen clamp position is more accurate.
  7. Multi-purpose in one machine can replace vise to do IZOD/CHARPY tests.
  8. Multi selection of various units can display.
Dimension 90 × 30 × 76 cm (QC-639S) 90 × 38 × 76 cm (QC-639T)
Weight 100 kg(QC-639S) 160 kg(QC-639T)

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