QC-527A2 Adhesion Release Tester
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QC-527 test range can do low and high speed peel test and also for 45/90/135/180° multi-angle peel test. Low speed peeling force generally uses 300mm/min to proceed with test, test low-stick adhesive label tear force. High speed peeling force generally uses 10-30m/min to proceed with test, simulate peeling force during label forming and labeling speed for end users

Specs Description
Max capacity 500N(MAX)
Standard test table suitable for 200X200mm sample
Selectable test speed range from 100 to 30000mm/min
Force resolution 1/100,000
Sampling rate 200HZ above
  • Including software which can do tensile, peel or friction test
  • Software use USB line as communication tool
  • Software are able to analyze and compare test result.
  • Real-curve display
  • Data can transform into EXCEL file
Test angle selectable between 30˚ and 180˚
Travel 400mm

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