CAP Series Cone and Plate Viscometer
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The versatility of the CAP 1000+ and CAP 2000+ makes these instruments a practical tool for any QC or R&D lab requiring quick and easy testing of materials, regardless of application, at high shear rates.

  • Provides for viscosity measurements at high shear rates
  • LCD display of viscosity in Poise or Pascal-seconds
  • Uses less than 2 ml of sample to avoid excess cleaning and material costs
  • Automatic viscosity range calibration and cone gap positioning make the viscometer easy to use
  • Set the viscometer to take a reading at different timed intervals to ensure accuracy of results with thixotropic fluids

CAP 1000+
  • Two available speeds to comply with all paint industry standards worldwide (750 and 900 rpms), optional speed of 400 rpm upon request

CAP 2000+
  • Variable speed instrument with a speed range of 5 to 1,000 rpm (1 rpm increments) that allows for varying shear rates from 10 to 13,300 sec-1
  • Bi-directional RS-232 interface that allows for PC control with the optional CAPCALC 32 software

The 1/23 CAPs are for lower shear applications such as automotive clear coats and base coats. Most methods are single point pass/fail criteria using No. 10 spindle at 100 rpm; a shear rate of 500 1/sec and measurement range from 22 – 220 cP is achieved.

There are two instruments available:
  • 1000+L version with a fixed speed of 100 rpms
  • 2000+L version with a speed range from 5 – 1000 rpms
  • The multiple speed selection provides more flexibility to modify test procedures

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