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The byko-cut universal is a multi-purpose paint testing instrument that measures paint coating thickness, paint adhesion, and coating hardness.
  • Can measure coating thickness on metal, wood, plastic, and other rigid substrates
  • Multi-layer coating thickness can be measured
  • Built-in microscope can also be used for assessing paint imperfections
  • Rotating blade holder for easy, safe change-over of the cutting blades
  • Optional cross-cut blade to perform a cross-hatch adhesion test
  • Optional Indentation hardness blade to comply with ISO 2815 Buchholz hardness
  • LED illumination for easy visual assessment
  • Portable design for field testing and inspection
International Standard

D 3002, D 3359, D 4138

50 986, 53 151

2409, 2815

II-13, X-1

003 Item 9

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